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Meeting My Attorney Coach for Client Succes

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

 Today I met with my new business coach  Dustin Cole. For this blog I’m going to call him my attorney business coach for client success.  He flew in from Florida to meet with me to evaluate by business. He started by giving me a new definition of what I am. I’m not a personal injury attorney. I’m a financial fixer for my personal injury clients.

 Dustin explained that my clients come to me with an injury that has affected their life in many ways , not the least of which is financially. What I have to offer is my compassionate understanding of their plight and an opportunity to  fix or make them whole financially. I knew this , but the expression of it by Dustin was instructive.

Although money will never really make my clients whole, it can help them move back towards where their life was before they were injured. There’s something about justice that helps the total body healing process. The  big worrry of many of my clients, “ How am I going to get by, What is lfe going to be like”  is softened by  their compassionate warrior. After all it’s no more an eye for an eye. It’s financial justice that I have to offer.

Here’s a link to an article that Dustin wrote on four steps to building great client relationships. Most of it is very helpful and applicable to me. One aspect is not , the discussion about billing. That’s because I don’t bill my injury clients hourly. My fee is bases on getting results, and comes from the recovery of money for them.  But there’s much information in the article to help me   develop the best relationship possible with my clients.

One thing is letting clients know what I am doing. Sometimes I’m so busy and focused on preparing their case I don’t commmunicate this to my client. And I can’t expect my client to know all the work I am doing. So even if there’s a great result some clients just don’t understand it. So communicating to them on a regular basis what’s going on with their case- your case if you are my client is something I’m going to recommit to . And even if I was good at it, I can be even better.

 I first met Dustin through his web site, just as many of my clients first meet me through my web site. You can get a good sense of someone through their  well done web site , but the proof is in the pudding. I found Dustin to be refreshing, knowledgable, charismatic without being egotistical. I’m excited for the journey Iand my staff are starting with Dustin to become a better steward of my business, my clients, and myself.

 Just to let you know he thought I had a Dynamite Staff. And just so you know , me, my staff and you  = Family.

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You Could BE Dead Before This Smoke Detector Goes Off Says Cincinnati Lawyer

Monday, January 24th, 2011

 Many people do not know that there are two types of smoke detectors. Get the wrong kind and you could be dead from smoke inhalation before it goes off. The two kinds of smoke detectors are photoelectric and ionic. The ionic one detects small particles found in flame or small cooking smoke.

 The photoelectic detects large particles found in smoke. Especially smouldering fires that are especially deadly causing smoke inhalation. The ionic smoke detector is not likely to go off, if at all,  until  you died in you sleep .

 I learned this from a childhood friend Dean Dennis. His name was given to me as a contact who could help me find the best experts regarding a fire case where careless smoking was the initial cause. But everyone agreed the smoke detector did not go off. One man was killed by smoke inhalation and his son was badly burned and suffered smoke inhalation.

Here is link to the presentation Dean Dennis and Doug Turnbull gave about smoke detectors at the 

World safety Fire foundation at the University of Cincinnati.

Here is a link to their web page “Fathers for Fire Safety”   Both of these men and their families lost a daughter due to smoke inhalation from a fire in a residential apartment where there were 20 ionic working smoke detectors.

Their efforts are making a positive difference . They quietly and humbly go about the business of public education and community change

Here’s what the southwest Ohio fire safety council says on smoke detector usage

Contact Doug or Dean if you have questions about smoke detectors and how best to protect your family. Make sure you have photoelectric smoke detectors in the approriate places in your home. You can supplement them with ionic.

by Anthony Castelli www.castellilaw.com

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Smoke Detectors Can Prevent Fire Injury

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

 Whenever I see that a fire injured somone I wonder whether the Smoke detectors were working and could have prevented personal injury. Yesterday I concluded a case in mediation where a young man was seriously burned in an apartment fire. The money he will get will help some , but pales in significance to his injury. There was no dispute that the fire detector did not work. Depending on the facts the landlord may or may not be responsible and liable for tenant injury for the failure of a smoke detector.

 So I was saddened but not surprised to read in the paper about a woman resident of the Silvercliff apartments suffering critical injury as a result of a fire. From reading the paper there was no way to tell much about the cause and origin of the fire or whether smoke detectors played a part .

 It was disturbing to read that  “several complained this was the third or fourth  fire in the building over the last year.” You would think someone would be investigating this unusual occurrence of so may fires in one building. The fire department investigation does not always answer all the questions.

  Luckily it appears that the fire department heroically saved lives. The paper described the fire crews recued dozens of people, busting deadbolts off the doors or smashing windows.

 Fire injuries often are horrible, leaving the injury victim scarred for life.  This fire will fade from the news. But it should not fade from investigation and placing responsibility at the feet of those who deserve it. I wonder what was the cause and origin of the fire and were smoke detectors there in accordance with Code and working properly. 

Often it is a follow up investigation by insurance or an attorney hired to help the victim that fleshes out could someone have prevented the injury.  It can be critically important to have your own investigators document the fire scene before it is destroyed. Although fire department investigators will do so there is no substitute for a thorough investigation by someone on the victim’s behalf. 

 Here is a link to the breaking news story of the fire

By Cincinnati accident and injury lawyer Anthony Castelli. you can speak with Anthony at 621-2345

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Ohio Workers Compensation Benefits Cincinnati Lawyer

Monday, January 10th, 2011

 Many people hurt on the job have no idea what workers compensation benefits they are entitled to. In Ohio you can get your medical treatment paid for, get paid while you are unable to work and get a permanent partial impairment award. Also there are wage loss benefits, living maintenance benfits, non working wage loss, amputation awards, and permanent and total disability awards.

  These are terms that have a specific meaning and the amount of benfits can vary from case to case. Don’t make the mistake and think that your employer or the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation will tell you what your benfits are or help prove your case. I’ve had many clients come to me totally unaware of a benefits they were entitled to.

 It is also possible to settle your case by negotiation.  But knowing what a fair settlement is can be complicated. You need to know what you can expect to be paid in the future and reduce it to a present value. The system is complicated and conducive for traps for the unwary.

This is one area of the law that lawyers can become Certified as Specialists by the Ohio State Bar association. For moore information you can go to the Ohio Bureau of Workers compensation Web site or go to Cincinnati workers compensation lawyer  Anthony Castelli’s web site. You can call him today for a free consultation at 1-800-447-6549

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T0p 5 Reasons to Hire a Cincinnati Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

 In all cases you may not need a lawyer. But if you are seriously insured here are 5 top reasons to hire a car accident personal injury lawyer. If you look hard enough you can find these reasons in insurance company manuals that teach adjustors to keep injury victims away from attorneys.

 1. A personal injury lawyer should have a lot of knowledge of what similar cases have settled for and can provide usable statistics to the client to help determine a fair settlement range.

2.  A car accident personal injury lawyer has an ethical responsibilitiy to advance his client’s interests , while an adjustor owes his allegiance to the insurance company. If the insurance company offers a lowball offer an attorney can rejcet it and file suit. If you are unrepresented you are stuck with what the insuance company offers.

3. If a lawyer makes a mistake his client can be compensated for it. But if an unrepresented party allows a mistake to occur that could be the end of their case.

4. If you are unrepresented you really do not have anyone to explain your rights and options and keep you from making mistakes that hurt your case.

5 Represented claimants in many cases, according to insurance company documents may get 2-3 times the settlement amount unrepresented accident injury victims get.

by Cincinnati Car accident injury lawyer Anthony Castelli. Call me for a free no obligation consult 1-800-447-6549

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