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Anthony Castelli Now Best Selling Author in Amazon Insurance Category

Friday, March 18th, 2011

On Thursday the book on insurance I contributed to became a #1 best seller in the Amazon Books insurance category. The book titled Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – What Your insurance Company Doesn’t want You to Know and Won’t Tell You Until It’s too Late was a group effort with 14 other prominent attorneys from across the United States.

My chapter was called When Your Friend Becomes Your Enemy. It discussed the tactics employed  the insurance industry to   keep you away from an attorney if you have a serious injury. They do this so they can pay you less money.

Here is an exerpt from the Amazon book page.

“Ever felt like you were powerless against an insurance company? Not even sure what types of coverages you purchased or what do to if your claim was denied? Insurance companies are in every aspect of our lives-from birth to death. The attorneys in this book have helped thousands of consumers each year navigate the world of insurance claims. They know the mistakes consumers make, and the tricks insurance companies use to deny or minimize claims. These fifteen attorneys from across the country have teamed up to write this book. Each one of them truly believes that information is the key to maximizing the benefits to which you are entitled, and to keeping the wolves at bay.
America’s premier attorneys who contributed are Ben Glass, Esq., Patrick Phancao, Esq., Anthony D. Castelli, Esq., Timothy R. Miley, Esq., Gary M. Hazelton, Esq., Mark C. Blane, Esq., Jason R. Schultz, Esq., Karl Truman, Esq., Thomas M. Kiley, Jr. Esq., Michael R. Strong, Esq., Brenton D. Adams, Esq., Richard P. Hastings, Esq., John Bisnar, Esq., Daryl T. Dixon, Esq., and Charles L. Bledsoe, Esq.”

I hope to make at least my chapter available as a free download on my web site. www.castellilaw.com But there are 14 other great chapters . For now you  can go to www.amazon.com to purchase the book.  You can learn a lot about accident injury inurance practices and much more.

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Fire Death in Cincinnati Could a Working Smoke detector Saved a Life

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Since being involved in a fire injury and death case where there was not a working smoke detector I have learned a lot. Now every time I see a fire I look to see what they say about the smoke detector. Unfortunatlely the newspapers are not always right.  But again it was reported that “Fire detectors weren’t sounding on the building’s second floor” according to residents,  in a Cincinnati Mt Washington apartment complex and a life was taken.

They attribute even more injuries if a hero, Owen Brooks  would not have knocked on the doors arousing people. Many questions come to mind.  First and foremost is why didn’t the smoke detector(s) go off. Did the landlord provide the appropriate working smoke detectors. Did they become defective because the battery was disconnected or no longer worked. Were these battery operating. Could corr0sion have been a problem.

Could the smoke detectors have  been ionic. The kind that don’t go off effectively with just smoke . Yes the public is little informed about this. Wxix just did a spot on this problem.  So many questions are unanswered . But if the detctor(s) did not go off, something was wrong somewhere. The hero is attributing to allerting many  in the apartment to the fire and saving lives. That’s what a well manufactured , well designed and maintained smoke detector should do.

Landlords please  know this. You need to install photoelectric smoke detectors. You need to make sure that when a tenant moves in they are working.  You should not keep these detectors for more that 10 years. You should provide your tenant written instructutions on how to check the smoke detector and to call you if there is a problem .  You need to respond immediatley if you get notice from your tenant that a smoke detector is not working

I also urge the Cincinnati fire department to not only stablish cause and origin , but to non destructively test the smoke detector and not just turn it over to the insurance company, but save it so a thorough investigation of the smoke detector can be done.

Here is the link to the story, though not as detailed as the article  in the March 4 2011 edition of the Enquirer. Mt Washinton Fire

by Anthony Castelli Cincinnati personal injury lawyer

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