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Auto Crash Lawyer NO FEE Guarantee Means What

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

You say ” I have been injured in an auto accident. What does this lawyer mean when they say, NO FEE Guarantee. ” You see this on many web sites of car wreck lawyers, car crash, auto accident or whatever the lawyer happens to be calling themselves. What this generally means is that unless the attorney recovers money for you, (or gets you a settlement) you do not owe them a fee.

Auto accident lawyers call this a contingency fee. That means that you do not have to pay a lawyer a fee unless they recover money. ( The fee depends or is contingent on the recovery of money. Most attorneys working on a contingency fee charge anywhere from 25%-40%. In some cases the fee could be higher or lower depending on the ease or complexity, the risk and other factors.

In addition there are expenses of litigation. These can occur even before filing a lawsuit. The evidence has to be gathered and doctor’s reports are often necessary to fully detail the injury. This costs money to obtain. Money that many clients do not have. Some lawyers do not have it. So lawyers that are capable will often advance these expenses with the expectation they be paid back. In Ohio the lawyer can agree to recover or not recover those expenses from you in the event there is no recovery.

In the event there is a recovery the lawyer should be paid back their expenses. These expenses should be clearly spelled out in the lawyer’s fee agreement that must be in writing. The fact that expenses will be paid back in the event of a recovery and whether or not the lawyer expects to be paid back if there is no recovery should also be clearly spelled out. This is important because sometimes expenses can run up quite a bit in serious injury cases.

My practice is to advance expenses . But I may sometimes require the client to advance expenses. This rarely happens that the client is asked to advance expenses, but if they clearly are not understanding the value of their case and a good offer is on the table they need to see the reality of the situation by putting their own money at risk.

I realize the vast majority of my clients do not have the money to pay a lawyer hourly , let alone advance expenses. So I typically have no problem working on a contingency fee and agreeing that expenses have to be repaid only in the event of a recovery.

So that gives you some idea of the no fee guarantee. Know that when a lawyer advertises that , you are probably not getting any more than you would get from any other personal injury auto accident lawyers.
The questions you really want to ask are:
1. What is the percentage you take for a fee?
2. Will you advance the expenses of litigation?
3. If I do not recover will I have to pay you back?

If you have any questions about this for an injury in Ohio I welcome your call at 1-800-447-6549. I do not charge you to answer your questions or to evaluate your case regading do I have a case and what is it that you car wreck accident injury case may be worth.

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Insurance Pain and Suffering Settlement Calculator Don't Pay

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Many personal injury victims rightfully want to know what is their personal injury insurance claim is worth. Or they want to know how much they should get for pain and suffering. I have written several blog articles on this subject of what you claim is worth and how is it calculated .

One article I wrote was for the web site all about car accidents

Another article on insurance damages calculator stated that the civil jury is the ultimate damage calculator. Ever wonder why big insurance and the chamber of commerce want to limit your right to a personal injury trial. It’s because they don’t want fairness and justice to apply to them. They don’t want a check and balance on their harmful activity. They are afraid you will get the compensation you deserve to make you whole.

There are many links that portray themselves as settlement calculators. But many are just come ons to sell you a book or something else you really don’t need.

One site bills itself as the premier information source for auto accident claims. It provides a calculator where you fill in medical bills, lost wages , car damage and rental. I put in the figures of $25 for rental car, $7000 medical bills , $6600 lost wages and $5000 car damage. It valued the claim between $33,347 and $60,012.

To show how ridiculous this is I changed the rental to $500. The value increased to $34,289-$61,910. So an increase on the low end by $942 and on the high end by $1898, for a $500 increase in rental. How could an increase in the rental value increase the value of the claim by any more than what you paid to rent a car , presumably while your car was being fixed. It can not.

The site goes on to state, In order to understand how the formula works and in order to determine the exact value of your claim, order the book “Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim.”
As I said they want to sell you a book .

Know that however you calculate your insurance claim you are likely to get higher settlement in serious injury cases with the help of an experienced lawyer. You can learn all about it with the link to the best selling free ebook Wolf in Sheeps Clothing – What The Insurance Company Doesn’t Want you To Know and Won’t Tell You Until It’s Too Late.
This book has 15 articles on insurance topics written by prominent lawyers from across the country. You can educate yourself for free.

I’d be happy to answer your questions if you have an Ohio personal injury claim. The review is at no cost and no obligation. Call me at 1-800-447-6549

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What Is You Motorcycle Accident Injury Worth

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Motorcycle riders injured in an motorcycle accident by the fault of another need to know how to value their case. The two biggest mistakes I see about this is that the injured person either expects way too much or way too little.

There are many things to consider and many things that you can do to increase or decrease the value of your case. You deserve to be made whole for the harm you were caused. Instead of telling you to blindly hire a motorcycle accident attorney I am going to give you a ton of motorcycle accident resources so you can learn what steps to take. Not everyone needs a lawyer, but many can benefit in the right case with the help of the right motorcycle accident attorney.


The Ohio Motorcycle garage has various resources , not just those about motorcycle accidents

The Motorcycle Safety Awareness and Injury Help of Ohio blog also offers many articles on Motorcycle accident help.

There is also a facebook group of the same name that has a wealth of information. Again it is not just about motorcycle accidents.

Here is a link to my web site that specifically talks about motorcycle accident injury and what to do.

There is also a free download of the ebook The Ohio Motorcycle Bible – The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families. You can purchase it on amazon.com , but why do so if you can download it for free.

Or you can go to the same web site and watch some educational videos on motorcycle accident injury help

If you have a serious injury you may just want to talk to some one to get your questions answered. I will gladly speak with you at no cost to help you figure out what your case is worth and how to maximuze your recovery. call today or put your info in the box upper right. 1-800-447-6549

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Choosing a Television Lawyer – Are TV Lawyers the Best?

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

So you saw a lawyer on television yesterday. You may be saying to yourself is this attorney really the best attorney for my personal injury case. After all they are on television. Television advertising costs a lot of money. So any lawyer that advetises must be very successful to be able to pay for the advertising.

The lawyer may very well be successful, if you judge success by the money they make. But will this lawyer be a success for you? Who really knows just from a television commercial. There are so many lawyers to choose from , choosing the one you see on TV makes your choice easy. Oh right , there are more lawyers on television than just one. Check out the shows just before noon . I counted at least 5 different law firms mostly seeking personal injury victims.

A long time ago I tried television advertising myself. It drives a lot of volume. You must sort through the wheat from the chaff. But I soon figured out that it is not quantity I seek but quality. I did not want a volume practice of everyone that called. I wanted to work on cases where I could make a real difference in someone’s life.

So now my marketing is based on education. I try to provide quality information on my web site about your problem and steps to take to get a just solution. You need information. After all Knowledge is Power. You need information about what to do about your injury claim. You need information about the lawyer to determine if they are someone accustomed to solving your problem. Do they have the experience and skills to do the best job for you.

So web sites of lawyers , for many, have become invaluaable sources of information . In fact many lawyers offer free downloads of articles and even books they have written to help you learn more about what you should do if you have an injury as a result of the fault – negligence of another.

If you want to know about lawyer advertising I invite you to download my ebook for free. It’s called Lawyer Advertising Revealed – How to Get Through The Hype and Hire A Geat Personal Injury Attorney

Just click on the link directly above to download this book. I think you will find it informative. So far I’ve asked Channel 19 WXIX for some airtime to discuss the topics in the book, but they have shown no interest . Maybe that’s because they don’t want to gore their own ox. Here are a few of the topics covered in the book:

• Television Advertising – 31
• Advertisements in the Yellow Pages – 35
• Direct Mail Solicitation – 41
• Finding a Lawyer Online – 47
• 5 Myths about Lawyers – 53
• 7 Key Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney – 55
• Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney – 59
• Meaningless Questions Suggested by Some Attorneys – 61
• Your System for Finding a Great Personal Injury Attorney

You can also find on my web site a helpful tips section , practice centers on car accidents, workers compensation, motorcycle accidents and social security disability. I’ve even created a youtube channel with videos covering these topics.

Or just pick up the phone and call me today at 513-621-2345. I will gladly answer your questions at no charge.

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One Of The Best Top Lawyers I Know

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

As a practicing personal injury attorney for 30 years I have gotten to know a lot of lawyers. Also in attending seminars across the country or as a result of participating in lawyer groups I get to meet lawyers from all over. You get to know the characteristics that make a good lawyer , especially a personal injury lawyer.

Recently I had the priviledge to coauthor a best selling book, A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing -What The Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Know and Won’t Tell You Until It’s Too Late. There were 14 other prominent attorneys that contributed a chapter to the book. One of them was attorney Richard Hastings of Connecticut. His chapter, The Insurance Company Offerred Me Money but I don’t Know What My Claim is Worth, impressed me as the best chapter written by all the attorneys and one that is super helpful to personal injury victims in learning what steps to take to help get fair value for their case.

Richard and I have had many occasions to talk on the phone, trade emails, trade ideas many times over the last several months. He has impressed me as super knowledgeable, and super dedicated to his clients. He works hard on a daily basis to continue to learn anything he can to advance his clients interests and to help the public with educational books, articles and other material.

Richard has a unique Teen Driver and Parent Guardian contract, a customizable document outlining your rules and expectations for your child and his/her use of your motor vehicle. How tragic is a teen car crash the seriously injures themselves or someone else or causes death. Richard has come up with this idea that he freely gives to anyone. This can go a long way in empasizing to your child the seriousness of driving a car and quite possibly could save your child’s life. Go here to download the parent teen driver contract by Richard Hastings

He has many more educational materials on his web site . He shared with me his book, The Crash Course on Personal Injury Claims in Connecticut. This is not only a book to read , but he has developed a workbook for his clients to use, that helps the client help the lawyer get them more money. Some lawyers leave it to chance that the client will do the right thing throughout the process of their injury claim. But sadly far too many clients are left in the dark about the process and how there own actions can affect it . These materials have helped me improve on some of the things I do with my clients to move their case to a full and fair settlement.

Richard is driven to continully keep abreast with any new development so he can put it to good use for his clients. As with any serious personal injury attorney worth their salt, Richard cares deeply about his clients. In one of our discusions he related how he had taken on the case of a seriously and permanently injured young person. He was so stuck by the magnitude of her loss and the devastation to her and her family that after meeting them and finishing his visit, he had to sit in his car for a long time before he could drive away because he was to touched by the pain and loss he saw in this family.

Richard not only cares , he is street smart and is book smart. He has taken several classes at Harvard University in his quest to become a better attorney. Plus he has a great sense of humor and is totally down to earth. He understands he’s been given a gift to use to help others.

Even if you are not from Connecticut, Richard has great content on his web site that may help you with your personal injury case . I highly recommend you take a look at it at Connecticut personal injury attorney web site

And if you do have a Connecticut personal injury case, you owe it to yourself to talk with attorney Richard Hastings before you make a mistake that could cost you your financial well being.

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