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Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney Uses Facebook To Educate

Friday, September 30th, 2011

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I really enjoy my presence on facebook. If you have seen any of my posts or pages I hope in some way they have either educated you , informed you or at least made you smile.

My first experience was with my personal page for Tony Castelli A lot of that page is anything that happens to interest me . You will also see a lot of youtube videos. There are some really quirky ones like James Brown duet with Pavorati.

Then I created a business page or what used to be called a fan page. This focuses on the fact that I am a Cincinnati personal injury accident lawyer
The actual url for that page is http://www.facebook.com/cincinnati.injuryattorney On that page I focus more on legal issues that face car accident and other personal injury victims. I try to give some educational information as well as provide some limited information about myself. I try not to beat people over the head with I’m a lawyer and you should hire me. I try to educate and inform . But I surely want you to know that I’m happy to answer any questions in my area of personal injury law. And if it’s not my area I’m glad to point you in the right direction.

The Ohio Motorcycle safety awarenesss and injury help of Ohio group is a page I really enjoy. I focus on motorcycle safety tips. With so many resources on the internet, especially you tube, it’s not that hard to provide some content that directly relates to motorcycle safety. Plus I can keep in touch with the motorcycle community where I have made so many friends from Jimmy Kay to the Chrome Divas and everyone in between . I only wish I had more time to spend creating content.

My latest venture is a facebook page for my radio show Cincinnati Biker Life. It was a lot of fun to create a welcome page for Cincinnati Biker Life where you can actually go and internet stream Cincinnati Biker Life live The actual url for Cincinnati Biker Life is http://www.facebook.com/CincinnatiBikerLife

All my listeners are welcome to come and post about their events, rides , experience, questions , requests. In fact it’s not limited to listeners. Anyone with something connected to the Greater Cincinnati motorcycle community is welcome to post . This radio show has been so enjoyable because of the many guests I have met since starting the show . Everyone has been an absolute joy to know and interview on Cincinnati Biker Life Radio.

So yes I’m a bit of a facebook junkie. And certainly an internet junkie. There is just so much information to exchange. I’ve met so may unique people. Sometimes the internet can be a bit removed from the real person But with acquaintances coming on Cincinnati biker life, with a handshake or a hug they soon are counted by me as a friend. I hope they see me the same way.

Thank you to everyone one of my facebook friends and the many folks that have joined my group or liked one of my facebook pages. I wish I could get to know each of you a little better. I invite you to comment or suggest how I can make the experience better for you.

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Cincinnati Car Truck Motorcycle Accident News and Commentary

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Cincinnati Car Truck Motorcycle Accident news and commentary is to give you the inside legal look that is not normally reported in the press. Hopefully it will answer some of your questions left unanswered by the original article. If not I welcome you to call me to get educated on the law.

Car Driver going 154 MPH rear ends a disabled vehicle and kills a man.

Here is a link to a case involving a wrongful death. The man was sentenced to jail for negligently driving and killing anoter human being. But what happened to the family of the deceased. This is called a wrongful death in civil law and the personal representative should make a claim against the insurance proceeds and the personal assets of the negligent driver if there are any. Many time insurance will fight you about the value of a life. They are at times so crass as to suggest there should be no award as it will not bring the deceased back. This is ludicrous, but time and again I had to fight big insurance to help a widow get financially compensated so she could support herself and/or help raise her children.


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How Much is My Personal Injury Pain and Suffering Worth

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Personal injury pain and suffering calculator even by the best personal injury lawyer is both science and art. By science I mean the experience of a  good personal injury lawyer that has many settlements to their credit, has researched many settlements, and gone to trial on many cases.

But no matter how similar your case may be to ones that I have resolved there is always a difference. You make all the difference in the world. There are many factors about you, and how you have dealt with your injury  that can increase or decrease the value of your settlement

The second wild card is the jury . Every jury is different. Some may be more disposed to awarding more money others less. Most cases do not go to a jury. But the ultimate personal injury pain and suffering settlement calculator is the potential jury. Each side needs to ask what would a jury award in this type of case.

An  experienced personal injury  trial lawyer should be able to guide you on a low end and high end range. The real question is how much money is going to go into your pocket at the end of the day after your bills, case expenses, and attorney fees have been paid. Given the amount of money your trial may cost,  in many cases I work up the case and push it close to trial. But then advise settlement because I strongly believe I can put more money in your pocket that way, given the expenses of a full blown trial.

Some clients make one of two mistakes in thinking about the value of their case. Watch this video to learn what the two biggest mistakes on personal injury accident settlement worth.

Call me today personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli to discuss what your case may be worth 1-800-447-6549 No cost No obligation

Click here  for the Ohio personal injury settlement calculator






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Cincinnati Child Injury Lawyer On Protecting Your Child

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Do you know what to do if your child was injured in a car accident caused by the fault of you neighbor’s child?

This scenario is played out over and over again.  Your child is coming home from a school dance and the driver causes an auto accident and your child is injured. Or your child is going to the movie on Saturday night and their boyfriend from school is driving and because of inattention causes a car crash causing your child an injury. Or your child gets a dog bite from a neighbor’s dog.

Here are the steps you may want to take to your protect your child after they were hurt in an accident (click).

There are many other circumstances were you child could be injured or heaven forbid even caused death. It’s one thing to pick up the pieces after an injury or death. But possibly you could intervene ahead of the injury and prevent it from happening. Here’s a child safety resource link I created on protecting your child from injury.

I did not recreate the wheel with this page. But  as an email subscriber to www.safekids.com and www.safekids.org I thought I would share their resources with you. They touch on just about every aspect of where your child can be injured and how to prevent it.

There’s resources on preventing burn injury, auto injury, water injury , fire safety, sports injury, just about any thing you can think of and more importantly those things you don’t think of.  There are many places and many ways apparently supposedly safe toys or products can cause injury.It’s daunting to realize how many ways your child could be injured . I suggest you read an article every week at least.

If you feel you need help with a child injury or have questions I welcome you to call me Anthony Castelli a Cincinnati child injury lawyer at 1-800-447-6549 for a no cost consultation.

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Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer Help for Truck Accident injury

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

If you have been injured in a Cincinnati truck accident your life just got more complicated. The 18 wheeler that hit you may be owner operated or leased.
Trucking companies tend to play hard ball with delay, defend, and deny tactics. You might get your car paid for, but good luck getting a fair offer for your injury.

Watch this Cincinnati truck Accident lawyer video . You do not have to fight big trucking alone. They will delay and not pay. They really don’t care about you. Don’t waste your time, while the trucking company fiddles and important evidence gets missed or lost. . Get a truck accident lawyer that will care about you. Someone that will put you first. Try to solve your problems. Answer your questions. And fight with all their heart to help you put you life back together and be made whole.

Cincinnati truck accident lawyer for free evaluation call 1-800-447-6549  Anthony Castelli

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Cincinnati Auto Crash Attorney on Ohio Jury Verdicts

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

If you are a auto accident injury victim in the state of Ohio you may wonder if there is an insurance settlement calculator. You injury may have occurred on Interstate 75 or Interstate 71. You may have been injured by a truck driver as these expressways are heavily traveled in Ohio by truck drivers .

There is no such thing as a insurance settlement calculator but it is helpful to know the range of jury verdicts in your personal injury accident case. That’s why you should consider talking to an experienced personal injury attorney. In fact its in your best interest to hire the best personal injury lawyer you can. Its ordinarily then that you maximize the value of your car accident injury case.

Truck Accident Injury

A car accident caused by a truck driver was brought to trial in Ohio. The injury victim was a woman claiming neck and back injury. She has previous chiropractic treatment before the truck accident injury.
The trucker also claimed that the injury victim was contributorily negligent.

Disc bulges were also claimed. The car accident injury victim had over 300 chiropractic treatments, pain management specialist lumbar epidural steroid injections. The neck injury resolved but the back injury claim continued and a claim for pain and suffering was also made along with disability and loss of enjoyment of life.

There was $34,816 in medical bills as well as $362 loss in wages . The jury returned a verdict of $21,900.
The objective testing shortly after the car crash showed no further evidence of injury. This underscores that you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you with your case . Even with the best Cincinnati personal injury lawyer you still could get a verdict lower than what you deserve.

Call a truck accident lawyer to get help at 1-800-447-6549 to speak to Anthony Castelli personally.

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