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Emergency Personal Injury Car Accident Attorney

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

If you are in a Cincinnati car accident you could be in an emergency situation. Hopefully you have your cell phone and can make that first call to 911 to get medical treatment. Some car accident injury victims would like the advice of a Cincinnati car accident attorney right away.

Possibly you have been transported to the emergency room or you are there with a friend that has been injured. How can you find a car accident attorney that you can speak with right away. Again your cell phone is a great way to search. The only problem is some web sites are not optimized for mobile search for attorneys. The words may come in too big and you can read only part of the page.

There are two things that can be done. The main web site can be optimized so that the page completely comes into focus. If you are searching on car accident attorney by clicking this link you will see what me main web site looks like on you Ipad or
I-phone or android phone or other mobile device.

There is another solution if you need to contact an emergency personal injury car accident attorney . This is a car accident attorney mobile web site. Click on the highlighted link to see the mobile web site I had created for a car accident lawyer. There is click to call so you can make the phone call to speak with me personally in an emergency.

There are also a few important articles about by practice areas such as child injury law, wrongful death law and dog bite law, as well as what to do in case of a car accident, client testimonials, personal injury damages and the addresses and maps to my two offices. So in an emergency you can easily contact an Cincinnati car accident lawyer that will be there for you in an emergency.

Serving Greater Cincinnati, Forest Park, Greenhills, Deer Park, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Mt. Healthy, Finneytown, College Hill, Mainville, Loveland, Batavia, Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Anthony Castelli Attorney 513-621-2345 to get the legal help you need in an emergency.

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Cincinnati Accident Injury Lawyer For The Deaf Provides Free Interpreter

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Two days ago I resolved a accident injury case involving a car accident injury in Cincinnati to a young deaf lady. As a personal injury lawyer I learned a lot about the importance of communication through an interpreter.

Although this young lady could read lips, when it got down to a complete explanation and understanding of her case an ASL American Sign Language deaf interpreter was critical. We actually had a mediation with the interpreter present. It went seemlessly and the mediator even commented on how effective the communication worked. My deaf client did not have to worry if she understood everything. I also used a interpreter at the pre-deposition conference. This is at my expense.

I learned that this is a cost of doing business to help as an adaptive device. I wrote a blog article on the requirement for an interpreter for a lawyer for the deaf

So it’s very important as a personal injury lawyer to know the rules behind what you must and should do to represent a deaf person. I found the experience very enlightening and gratifying. I would be happy to be a Cincinnati accident injury lawyer for the deaf.

If you are a deaf person and have a car accident or other personal injury I am happy to consult with you and provide a ASL American sign language interpreter free of charge.

Anthony Castelli attorney
Cincinnnati, ohio

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Teen Car Crash Deaths on the Rise in Cincinnati and US While the Ohio Legislature Fiddles

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Teen car crash deaths are on the rise.This is a troubling new trend. Our dearest children are being killed in car accidents. Yet, the Ohio legislature can not seem to agree on a anti-texting bill that would prohibit this activity involving texting, distracted driving, and car accident injury and deaths.

Federal data shows that in the first 6 months of 2011 there was an increase in teen car deaths by 11%. Formerly, in the 8 years previous teen car wreck deaths had been decreasing.


NHTSA has determined that teens are the age group with the highest probability of being killed in a car crash because of distracted driving. In fact the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration found that 16% of teen drivers Killed in auto accidents in 2009 were distracted. The primary distraction is the use of a cell phone for calls or texting.

The Ohio legislature has a bill on distracted driving floating in space. In June the Ohio house of representatives voted to pass House bill 99, This would have prevented sending or reading text messages. However the Senate has let the bill languish. Sen Lou Gentile said he does not know when the bill will be taken up again. He thought some senators would not support the bill, but did not give any compelling reason.

Ohio is now surrounded by States that have such a law on the books. I think it stinks that Ohio has not moved to get a law on the books that prohibits a driver from texting. Cmon Senator Bill Seitz of Hamilton County, this is right down your alley. Senator Neihaus of Clermont County what have you done?


1. Write your Ohio state senator and ask them to pass this bill

2. Communicate with your teenager and download the child parent safe driving contract and go over it with your teen driver and lay your own rules down.

Public Service announcement by Anthony Castelli Cincinnati car accident Lawyer

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Free Masons Motorcycle Club Members Guest on Cincinnati Biker Life

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Biker Bodhi

Two Free Mason Motorcycle Group members were guests last night on Cincinnati Biker Life Radio. Curtiss Belcher and Bodhi Halsey, both Free Masons, avid motorcyclists, and fathers, and all around great guys stopped in on the Cincinnati Biker Life radio show, hosted by Cincinnati personal injury lawyer and motorcycle accident attorney Anthony Castelli.

Curtiss and Bodhi talked about their love of the Free Masons , the Free Masons motorcycle club and their upcoming adventure as motorcycle riders in the American Motorcycle Rally. I learned how you become a Free Mason during the course of my interview. This was not volunteered information as the Free Masons , the oldest fraternity in the world, does not solicit for members. You have to ask a Free Mason how do you become a member. That tells you a lot about the Free Mason brotherhood. In a world where it seems everyone wants money, members or something from somebody the Free Masons don’t promote. What a refreshing concept.

Their common bond is a belief in a Deity or Higher Power of your choosing and loyalty to each other and charitable service. Think of the Shriners and our great Cincinnati Shriner’s Burns Hospital as all Shriners are Free Masons. That’s an amazing story in itself as all the services at the hospital are free.

This June Curtiss and Bodhi will be riding in the 7000 mile iron butt event The American Motorcycle Rally. This event has prize money and prizes. First prize is $150,000.00. Curtis and Bodhi are experienced long distance motorcycle riders , as each of them have ridden in the Hoka Hey long distance motorcycle event.

So get behind Curtiss and Bodhi and support them in their quest. Come on out this Sunday to Powder Keg Harley Davidson where there will be a fun event and a effort to raise interest and funds for Curtiss and Bodhi to help them along the way. For me it was truly an honor to have them come on Cincinnati Biker Life and spend some time with. It’s even more of an honor to have them as my friends. I certainly will be following their motorcycle adventures this June.

Anthony Castelli Attorney Motorcycle accident injury lawyer

Curtiss Belcher

8170 Corporate Park Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Motorcycle Crash Death In Cincinnati Could have Been Avoided

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Another motorcycle crash death in Cincinnati caused by a car driver could have been avoided. Sadly cars failing to yield the right of way to motorcycles at intersections are far too common. Fox 19 just put up on the internet a story about a motorcyclist being killed in Green Township on Glenway avenue.

Apparently Joanne Case was driving her car on Glenway avenue and Thomas Grady Jr was riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction on Glenway avenue. It was not stated why Joanne Case turned left in front of the motorcyclist into a lot that contained a Bob Evans restaurant.The report was not totally clear what happened and even reports some contradiction by a so called eye witness.

But now a young man is dead. This appears to be as a result of negligence which is the failure to drive carefully. The failure to yield the right of way is often the cause of motorcycle car crash injuries and deaths. I never buy the fact that the motorcycle is too small to be seen, as some might say. It’s certainly big enough to be seen if someone is paying attention to the road and driving safely.

I can just here some of the naysayers and those prejudiced against motorcyclists saying things that imply the motorcyclist was somehow to blame. As a motorcycle accident Lawyer and motorcycle rider I’ve heard most of the prejudices of others against motorcycle riders. We deserve as much protection as the car driver and the law gives us that protection.

But yet another family mourns the death of a loved one. Look Twice Save a Life is not just a slogan. Watch for Motorcycles is not just a slogan. If automobile drivers would practice this there would be fewer car crash motorcycle accidents, injuries and deaths.

If you witnessed this motorcycle accident Green Township is still investigating and asking for you to call them at 513-574-0007. Please give them a call if you witnessed this motorcycle car crash.

by Anthony Castelli Attorney
8170 corporate Park Drive #220
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Deaths in Cincinnati Car Accidents Call for Grief Counselors and Traumatic Loss Experts

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Two deaths were reported in two separate greater Cincinnati car accidents. A Clermont County man with 5 OVI drunk driving convictions drove off Kellog Avenue killing Tonya Chaney who was ejected from the vehicle. As usual the press reported on the allegation that they were not wearing seatbelts.

I always wonder the effect on the families. A traumatic death, sudden and unexpected, violent, untimely, unnatural and preventable death causes a potentially more traumatizing loss that can increase the risk of later psychological symptoms on those close to the deceased.

As a Cincinnati wrongful death attorney I have learned about this thru the use of expert psychologists skilled in traumatic loss involving wrongful death. The expertise comes in two areas: 1. assessing the traumatic loss and 2. treating the loved ones because of psychological illness due to the traumatic wrongful death.

In another recent traumatic car accident death, Lakota student Ezekial Stepaniak was killed when the car he was driving attempted a left hand turn onto Hamilton-Mason Road when his car was struck by a motor vehicle traveling north on 747. Lakota high school was calling in grief counselors to work with the students. This will certainly help. But the family members will never be the same.

It’s so sad that car crashes are still common occurences that cause lives to be taken. The families of those killed, wrongfully or not, will always be affected. They live with a pain unimaginable. Expert psychological help can help some. I’ve had a family member, a mother of a child killed in a vehicle crash describe, “It’s as if it took a piece of my soul.” and “I hated God for it.” So sad.

If you have a young driver think about downloading the Child Parent Safe Car Driving Contract . It can’t hurt to give your expectations to your child about driving a car safely.

Anthony Castelli car accident lawyer Cincinnati

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