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Testimonial For Cincinnati Accident and Injury Attorney Anthony Castelli

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Lawyers love to talk about themselves. Don’t you just hate it when you go to a lawyer’s office to tell your story that many of them tell you how great they are. If someone tells me how great they are it tells me it’s all about them. But if a lawyer’s clients are willing to talk about them that means a lot. Good or bad. Face it, lawyers are not up there on the trust meter and lawyers that handle personal injury and wrongful death claims are often labeled greedy.

My mentor Walter Beall was one of the hardest working most compassionate persons, let alone lawyers, I ever met. My father is a World War II Navy hero. They never talked about how great they were. If they spoke of themselves it was about their perceived shortcomings and how they always wanted to improve and do better. People that know them were always complimentary.

I am so lucky that some wonderful clients of mine would say a few words about me. So if you are trying to find a personal injury lawyer you can get some idea about how they feel about me. My goal is to treat every client the same. To give them great service and help them in their time of need. To get them justice and fair compensation. It hurts to fall short. So I try like heck not to.

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Finding and Getting to a Car Accident Lawyer Outside of the Major Ohio Cities

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Alice's Restaurant

Many people in Ohio are in car accidents and get hurt in outlying cities, towns and villages of Ohio. They probably know a lawyer or two that did their will . But finding and getting to an experienced car accident lawyer may be more difficult.

However I have represented folks from all over Ohio. I am happy to throw my brief case in my car and take a road trip out to meet you and sit down in your living room or kitchen and gather the information I need to start the insurance settlement process. Not too long ago I was out in Winchester, Adams County, Ohio. I even had an oppportunity to get my hair cut at the local barbershop. I even took a picture of Alice’s restaurant, although it was closed.

Some folks just can’t make the trip down my way even though I am located right off I-75 and I-71 and I-275 and Montgomery road. I also have a satellite office in West Chester, Ohio.

So I want the folks in the following cities and villages to know that you have access to an experienced car accident attorney that will come to you. Let’s go down the list if you live in Clermont county , Ohio and live in New Richmond, Owensville, Mt. Repose Moscow, Miamiville,  Bethel and Day Heights as well as Batavia and Goshen. I will be happy to be your personal injury lawyer. Also if you live in Clinton County, Ohio in Clarksville, New Vienna, Blanchester, Midland or Wilmington I would love to help you.

If you live in Adams County, Ohio in Manchester,West Union, Winchester, Peebles, Seaman do not worry about hiring a car accident attorney. I am happy to come your way. Let’s not forget Highland county, Ohio and Greenfield, Leesburg, Hillsboro, Mowrystown, Buford, and Rocky Fork Point. I will not forget you and you deserve first rate representation.

Also the folks in Brown County in Aberdeen, Fayettville, Georgetown, Mount Orab, Ripley, Sardinia and Higginsport deserve help for their car accident to fight insurance company dirty tricks. Also many car accidents because of the curving two lane highways that also allow for higher speeds can end up in car wrecks that cause serious and devastating injury.

Just in case you read this and live in Butler county, Warren county or Hamilton County, Ohio  know that I am happy to make house or even hospital calls. Sometimes its critical to start investigating your car accident right away. So if you call and are still in the hospital or homebound or just can not arrange to get to me I’ll get to you.  In fact I have travelled throughout Ohio to help people in need. And I’d be honored to help you right now.

For a Free consultation or to get started on your case today call me at 513-621-2345 or 1-800-447-6549

Anthony Castelli Accident and Injury personal and bodily injury car accident, truck accident and motorcycle accident attorney for over 30 years. Please watch this short video to see what my clients say about me:



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Ohio Pit Bull Law Change Misguided and Dangerous by Cincinnati Dog Bite Lawyer

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Dog Bite injury Cncinnati

The recent change in Ohio law stating that pit bulls are not specifically designated as viscous dogs is a dangerous precedent. It means at minimum, that people bitten by pit bulls will likely go uncompensated. Under the old law pit bull owners were required to have insurance on their pit bull dog. This is no longer  the case.

So now if you are bitten by a pit bull in Ohio, the owner if they do not have homeowners or renters insurance, will likely not have insurance to cover your injuries from their dog. Plus the laws on vicious dogs are more stringent on how they must be kept. It’s hard to understand why the change has been made other than what I saw in my research in reference that kennels were having hard times finding homes for pitbulls. Maybe it was because they are so damn dangerous.

The change in the law comes in the wake of a child apparently being killed when a pit bull bit its head. This occurred in Northern Ohio. This is not an isolated case. Some people commented don’t leave your dog alone with a child, that’s the real problem.  That’s just misguided. Don’t leave you child alone near a dog for sure, but also don’t own this dangerous dog with jaws so strong it’s commonly bread to be a fighter. I can not stand to hear that a child or anyone for that matter has been bitten by a dog. There are terrible injuries the dog bites make. Take a look at this picture of an arm bitten by a dog. It’s a horrible reminder of the type of  damage that a dog bite can cause.

Protect yourself at all times and do not put your face near a dog. The bigger the dog the more likely the more severe will be the injury from the bite. Remember dog bite law in Ohio protects you if you are injured by the dog from a bite or otherwise. If you or your child is bitten get in touch with a dog bite lawyer so your claim can be fully investigated and the owner, harborer or keeper of the dog be determined. Then insurance coverage needs to be found. you always want the dog warden involved to document the ownership of the dog and that the dog is not diseased.

Anthony Castelli attorney is a Cincinati Ohio dog bite lawyer that has handled multiple dog bite claims as well as other serious personal injuries. .You can contact him for a free no obligation consult at 513-621-2345





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Cincinnati Walk Now For Autism Huge Success – Find Your Picture For Anthony Castelli Attorney Donation

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

The 2012 Cincinnati walk for Autism at Coney Island was a huge success. As a formal mental health worker at Longview and as a social worker for 241-kids I have been involved with many autistic children. 30 years ago the programs were not very effective. But now there are some great programs that show results.

Cincinnati walk for autism 2012

Gigantic strides have been made in the treatment of autism. But with the many children now being diagnosed, even more in the way of resources is needed to get these children into treatment programs that have proven effective. The Cincinnati Center for Autism has a great program that gets results. Just ask my friend David Kahle how they have helped his son. But we need more programs like it and the ability for parents to afford these programs.

Yesterdays 2012 Cincinnati walk for autism was a huge success. But those of us not directly touched by autism must get involved. I see the families and friends of children with autism leading the way for contributions to advance cures for autism. But the whole community needs to get behind the programs here and donate a little cash so that even more can be done.

I hired Cincinnati photographer Mike Mastrianno to take pictures of the walk. You can see yourself  at http://www.facebook.com/cincinnati.injuryattorney  . If you tag your photo and put it up on the facebook page Anthony Castelli cincinnati personal injury Trial attorney I will make a donation to autism for each picture tagged.

Many families are without resources to get the competent treatment their child needs. There are some resources through social security disability and SSI that may be available.  If you have a child with autism and need financial help be sure to apply for social security and if you get denied there are many good social security lawyers that are aware of the provisions in the social security law for autism.

Public Service

By Anthony Castelli  Attorney

8170 corporate park drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 513-521-2345



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Motorcycle Riders Injured or Killed Why Should You Hire A Cincinnati Motorcycle Attorney

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Reports of motorcycle riders getting killed and injured in accidents the fault of  car drivers are occurring at alarming Protecting Ohio Motorcyclistsrates.  Just yesterday a couple was killed when a woman turned in front of them at an intersection. I fear that this year bikers are going to be hurt and killed in unprecedented numbers.

With more people riding motorcycles and more car drivers using cell phones distracted drivers are causing more car accidents and motorcycle accidents.  You can practice the best riding habits but still be killed by a reckless cager.  That’s why I wrote the Ohio Motorcycle Bible – The Guide to protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families.

This book give riding tips as well as legal tips on how to prevent accidents as well as what to do to protect yourself  in the event of  an accident. Also check out my you tube video   9 Reasons To hire A Motorcycle Attorney.   With the insurance propaganda and the ambulance chasing lawyers people injured in car , truck, motorcycle accidents are taking their chances by not hiring a lawyer . I’ve seen too many unsuspecting injury victims get low ball offers and either took them or came to a motorcycle accident lawyer after it was too late. But you need to hire the right lawyer the best for your case.

I urge you to check out the book and video to protect yourself in case of a serious motorcycle accident.  You can call me at 513-621-2345 for a free consultation to get your questions answered and your motorcycle or other personal injury evaluated. I’ve taken care of many motorcycle injury victims. As a motorcycle rider myself  I take your injury personally.


Anthony Castelli

8170 Corporate park drive

Cincinnati, ohio

Also satellite office in West Chester at Union Centre Blvd


Watch For Motorcycles

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Should Road Side Crosses in Cincinnati Ohio Be Permitted

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Should roadside crosses memorializing the place on the highway where someone was killed in memory of their death in Ohio or other states be permitted. Or should these roadside crosses be illegal. You see these crosses on many highways but few if any on I-75, I-74 or I-71 or Interstate 275. These interstates are normally the jurisdiction of the Departments of transportation.

Some atheists even argue that they should be banned on constitutional grounds.  Many families of people killed in car accidents  seek to keep the memory of their loved one alive through the use of these crosses. The differing states have differing rules for whether these road side crosses denoting the spot of a fatal car accident are permissable and legal.

The United States Supreme Court back in October let stand a decision that banned these crosses particularly if they had a government insignia. In Utah when a state trooper dies on the highway, a private organization puts up a cross with the troopers name, date of death, badge number and the highway patrols logo.

The dissent by Clarence Thomas left open whether if there is no public symbol on the cross would they still be illegal. This decision again miscontrues the US Constition  regarding the separation of church and state. I say let people put up these crosses in memory of their loved ones killed on the roads and highways.


Anthony Castelli Attorney Accident and injury law

8170 Corporate Park drive

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


satellite office West Chester, Ohio at Union Centre Blvd




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