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Have a Auto Injury Claim Against Allstate – Don’t Fret – Arm Yourself With An Experienced Advocate

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Claims Against Allstate  Despite all the advertising Allstate does about “good hands” their sole    interest is profit for their shareholders. They were one of the first car accident insurance companies to use computer programs to miscalculate your damages for your harms caused by negligence.

But that was not the worst part. They had what’s called a second look. Adjusters were bonused if they settled for less than the computer would have offered. I have seen their claim file in a motion for prejudgement interest.A now deceased lawyer that I used to try cases against also confirmed this.

Their tactic of delay, deny, defend and lowball has yielded results. Some lawyers will not take claims against Allstate. It’s no coincidence that a many of my jury trials were against Allstate. There is an opportunity for great success against Allstate in the right claims.

There is good reason why the Association for Justice rates Allstate as number one of the 10 worst insurance companies in America. If their tactics did not work to make them money they would not use them. But they can be defeated because of their greed. Here’s an excerpt about Allstate from the ten worst insurance companys:


There is no greater poster child for insurance industry greed than Allstate:
Allstate’s mission is clear: “our obligation is to earn a
return for our shareholders.” Unfortunately, that dedication
to shareholders has come at a price. According to
investigations and documents Allstate was forced to
make public, the company systematically placed profits
over its own policyholders. The company that publicly
touts its “good hands” approach privately instructs
agents to employ a hardball “boxing gloves” strategy
against its own policyholder.”


What I Require to Take a Claim to Trial

1. A forceful collision

2. Serious injuries

3. A sympathetic likeable plaintiff ( the injured party)

Allstate will low ball and chances are under this scenario a jury will set them straight. This video tells the story of how Allstate miscalulated against me and my client and we turned a $25,000 policy into a $100,000 recovery. All paid by Allstate.


Don’t waste your time dealing with Allstate by youself. Get legal help. It’s what they understand and often underestimate.

Call for a free consultation before it’s too late. You will talk to me personally  at 513-621-2345

Additional Articles about Allstate

What Allstates own documnets Say Why they Keep you From a lawyer

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What Allstate Document Says About Personal Injury Attorneys Getting more Money For Their Accident Clients

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Once upon a time AllState insurance company hired a consultant, the McKenzie company, to help them save money on accident and injury  claims. One of the biggest things they came up with was to keep the claimant, the injured person, away from a personal injury lawyer. Why.   Because they estimated they would pay as much as much as two to three times more money when the claimant had an attorney vs when they   did not. (Not always true but here’s   the document.

Allstate Document

Click on the above document to make it larger and readable, or click on the link just below.



  Exhibit Discussions Guide (con)

Exhibit 4;  BI Soft Tissue Cases $1500-$15,000

    Stress the importance of the unrepresented segment

    We end up paying claimants up to three times as much as unrepresented claimants with similar imjuries.

     Point out the tremendous opportunity associated with reducing the need for attorney involvement


So Allstate came up with a scheme/program to teach adjustors how to keep claimants away from attorneys. I call it the love affair and wrote about it in the best selling book Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing What Your insurance company doesn’t want you to know and won’t tell you before it’s to late.

See Chapter 13
By Anthony D. Castelli, Esq – 159

So when you go to think about settling your own claim without a lawyer think about  this saying , “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”  Please think very very seriously about handling your own case. What is the chance you will ruin your opportunity to be made financially whole for the injuries and losses you suffered if you try to settle your case alone. It appears Allstate is counting on you to try to go it alone. And don’t think Allstate is the only insurance company that is like this. Every insurance companys’ goal is to take in premiums and pay out as little as possible

Call Anthony Castelli today for a free consultation.   Get my 30 years of experience resolving injury claims today.










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