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Don’t Let Ohio Drunk Drivers Off Says Cincinnati Injury Attorney

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

As a Cincinnati injury lawyer I have seen how drunk drivers cause personal injury car accidents and wrongful deaths. Do not let them get off on a technicality. If they are let off its likely that they will drive drunk again and cause a car accident injury or death.

A Greater Cincinnati lawyer is asking Judge Rob Lyons to throw out breath-test results based on the fact that test records were changed by the Ohio department of health in their data base. State health department’s Mary Martin who insists the only changes that were made was in how the records are labeled for clarity, and not the information they contained.

So it appears that the results were not changed and as far as I can tell from the reporting, and nothing of substance that would affect the accuracy of the tests were changed.

Former Hamilton Count prosecutor Mike Allen , now a criminal defense lawyer and “commentator” for channel 19 was quoted on Fox 19 web site as stating, “The state has to demonstrate that the procedures were followed and there are records that document those procedures and if those records were altered in anyway that’s an issue.” To me that comment is so general as to be insignificant, but appears to tacitly support keeping the breath tests out on a technicality. But if they did not effect the evidence why should DUI drivers that cause accidents be let off.

Statistic show that in 2007 386 deaths occured in accidents where one driver had at least a BAC of .08%
There were 19,155 arrests in Ohio in 2007 for driving under the influence.

It’s important to know that what goes on in a criminal case may or may not impact the civil case where the injured party brings an injury claim against a drunk driver. If you were injured by a drunk driver my suggestion is to contact an experienced personal injury car accident attorney.

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How To Get Medical Care For Your Car Accident Injury When You Have No Medical Insurance

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer I have had many clients with severe injuries but did not have medical insurance.  In non emergency situations you may not be able to find medical care for your car accident injuries. Doctors and hospitals want to be paid. Without medical insurance you need to know what you can do to get medical care.

The first thing to know is not to expect the insurance company for the person that caused your car accident to pay for your medical bills as they go. In some rare cases they may, particularly if they want to control you, if you have a serious injury. But normally the insurance company will not pay you as you go for your personal injuries. In fact in Ohio they are not legally obligated to pay until there is a verdict or settlement against their insured.

You can look to your own car insurance policy to see if you have medical payments. This pays you for injuries caused while you were in your car regardless of who was at fault. The problem is that most people carry from $1000-$5000 of this coverage. A one night stay in the emergency room could eat up that whole amount.

I normally do not like to recommend one named doctor to my clients. This is because if the case ends up in Court a smart defense lawyer will ask how you found this doctor. Pointing to your car accident lawyer makes it sound as if the lawyer is manufacturing your case. However when it is absolutely necessary there are doctors I know that will take a letter of protection and treat you for your  injuries. This is your promise to pay them out of your lawsuit proceeds.

Also there are services that can help you with prescription medication. You can try directly with the drug company or you can hire a company that advocates for you normally for a monthly cost of $20-50 per month. It takes effort but you can find medical and drug care if you have a personal injury as the result of a car accident

Also you can go to your local emergency room if you have serious pain and have not found a doctor to take care of you. However this only works for so long. Many of the hospitals have clinics that allow you to pay for treatment based on a sliding scale in relation to your income.  I try to help my clients get the medical care they need my goal is to try to help you through the difficulty your injury causes you.

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Cincinnati personal injury lawyer with heart

Cincinnati personal injury lawyer with heart

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Cincinnati Car Truck Motorcycle Accident News and Commentary

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Cincinnati Car Truck Motorcycle Accident news and commentary is to give you the inside legal look that is not normally reported in the press. Hopefully it will answer some of your questions left unanswered by the original article. If not I welcome you to call me to get educated on the law.

Car Driver going 154 MPH rear ends a disabled vehicle and kills a man.

Here is a link to a case involving a wrongful death. The man was sentenced to jail for negligently driving and killing anoter human being. But what happened to the family of the deceased. This is called a wrongful death in civil law and the personal representative should make a claim against the insurance proceeds and the personal assets of the negligent driver if there are any. Many time insurance will fight you about the value of a life. They are at times so crass as to suggest there should be no award as it will not bring the deceased back. This is ludicrous, but time and again I had to fight big insurance to help a widow get financially compensated so she could support herself and/or help raise her children.


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