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Ohio Workers Compensation Benefits Cincinnati Lawyer

Monday, January 10th, 2011

 Many people hurt on the job have no idea what workers compensation benefits they are entitled to. In Ohio you can get your medical treatment paid for, get paid while you are unable to work and get a permanent partial impairment award. Also there are wage loss benefits, living maintenance benfits, non working wage loss, amputation awards, and permanent and total disability awards.

  These are terms that have a specific meaning and the amount of benfits can vary from case to case. Don’t make the mistake and think that your employer or the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation will tell you what your benfits are or help prove your case. I’ve had many clients come to me totally unaware of a benefits they were entitled to.

 It is also possible to settle your case by negotiation.  But knowing what a fair settlement is can be complicated. You need to know what you can expect to be paid in the future and reduce it to a present value. The system is complicated and conducive for traps for the unwary.

This is one area of the law that lawyers can become Certified as Specialists by the Ohio State Bar association. For moore information you can go to the Ohio Bureau of Workers compensation Web site or go to Cincinnati workers compensation lawyer  Anthony Castelli’s web site. You can call him today for a free consultation at 1-800-447-6549

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Cincinnati Attorney Reveals You Can Have A Personal Injury and Workers Compensation and Social Security Claim At the Same Time

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

You could possibly have a personal injury, workers compensation and social security claim all at one time according to Cincinnati attorney Anthony Castelli.  If you do, it is advisable to have one attorney experienced in all of those areas handle your cases. That way everything is coordinated through one lawyer.

If you are seriously injured in a car accident that was the fault of a third party and you were driving for your employer, you would be entitled to file a workers compensation claim because you were hurt while working. Since a third party, unrelated to your employer, caused the accident you can also file a pesonal injury claim against the person that caused your injury.

If your injury is so bad that you will not be able to work for at least one full year at any gainful employment then you could collect social security disability benefits. There will be an interplay between these three claims and evidence may come out in one case that may affect your other case. Additionally the benefit computations are adjusted. Also workers compensation is allowed to make you pay them back from the proceeds of your personal injury case. There is a complicated formula that determines what gets paid back. This can be negotiated to a much reduced basis by a lawyer skilled and experienced with workers compensation  law.

Anthony Castelli Cincinnati personal injury workers compensation and social security disability attorney focuses his law practice on these three areas of law. He welcomes you to call him at 621-2345 for a free consultation

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5 Reasons To hire a Car Accident workers compensation Social Disability Cincinnati Lawyer

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

 If you have been hurt on the job by a third party you may be able to bring claims for workers compensation and a claim against the person that hurt you . If you are so ill or injured that you can not work for one year you may have a social security claim. Here are 5 good reasons to find one lawyer that can handle all three claims.

 1. A  separate car accident lawyer, a workers compensation lawyer and a disability attorney all have experience in a compartmentalized area of the law. Hiring an attorney that handles all of these case will help you coordinatebenefits.

2. One attorney knows all the information evidence being created in each case and can manage the eveidence more  effectively so it does not impact negatively on the other cases. They can use positive evidenc in one case to help the other cases.

3. All of these area of law have interrelated pitfalls. An attorney experienced in these area can avoid these pitfalls. For instance workers compensation is going to want their money back from your car accident case. your attorney must know the formula and how to negotiate with the bureau of workers compensation.

4. You only have to deal with one attorney to answer your question and work with you on all three cases saving you time  

5. By coordinating all of the benefits one attorney should be able to maximize all the benefits you are entitled to from your injury accident  accident, your workers compensation case and your social security disability claim.

Anthony Castelli is a Cincinnati Attorney that focuses his practice on accident injury cases, workers compensation and social security disability. He welcomes your call for a free consulation 1-800-447-6549 and invites you to check out his web site with free articles and videos .

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Cincinnati Attorney Educational Videos on the Internet

Friday, June 11th, 2010

 Cincinnati Attorney Anthony Castelli has made educational videos available on the internet.  These videos cover 5 separate topics:

General Cincinnati and Ohio Personal Injury          Cincinnati Ohio Motorcycle Accident Injury

Cinincnnati Ohio Car Accident Injury                        Cincinnati Ohio workers compensation Claims

  Social Security Disability. 

  These videos can be found on his web site www.castellilaw.com . Or you can go to his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/castellilaw where he has all 34 of his videos.

The video library on his site has the topics of Cincinnati personal injury, Cincinnati, Ohio workers compensation, Cincinnati Motorcycle accidents and Social security disability

  These videos will help you answer some of the questions you have about your case. Such as:

 1. What damages can personal injury accident victims  recover in Ohio.

 2. The most important question to ask a personal injury attorney before you hire them.

3. Insurance company Quick Settlement dirty tricks.

4. Do I need an attorney to Settle my auto injury claim

5. How to hire a great car accident attorney

6. How to hire an attorney without paying an hourly fee.

7. Two critical mistakes personal injury victims make

8. Allstate policy of $25000 turned into $100,000.

9. Why was my Ohio workers compensation check stopped and  can my Cincinnati workers compensation attorney help .

by Cincinnati car accident injury attorney  Anthony Castelli call for a free consultation to get your questions answered and the compensation your deserve 1-800-447-6549

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