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Concussions Caused by Car Accidents Pitfalls and Solutions by Cincinnati Attorney

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Concussions caused by car accidents are more common than most people thinks and as a Cincinnati car accident attorney I have seen insurance companies attempt to downplay the severe symptoms that can occur. This article will attempt to explain the problems and offer some solutions.

Car Accident Concussions Can be Diffucult To Prove


Often there is no objective evidence of a concussion. The xrays or MRI’s don’t show anything. You may not have even hit your head or at least you don’t remember hitting your head. The symptoms such as headaches and forgetfullness do not show  until several days after the car accident.  Or the symptoms will thought to be tied to something else such as a woman’s menstrual cycle especially in the case of migraine headaches. The insurance company will use this to make you a small offer, impliying that you are making up your symptoms.

The Solution of Fair compensation for Your Car Accident Concussion


Migraine  headaches can one of the symptoms of a concussion. According to neurologists they can be one of the most disabling conditions known. you can have severe pounding, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms. migraine sufferes just want to lay down in the dark and have the knifelike pain go away.

Recently I represented a young lady with severe most traumatic migraines with some minimal non disabling headaches around the time of here period. there were multiple pieces of evidence I used to counter the defense assertion the headaches were unrelated . I used a video of a crash test   car crash concussion  of a similar car showing the head forcefully hitting the airbag then recoiling and hitting the headrest.

I used before and after witnesses (friends of hers) that could say how well she was doing before the car crash AND HOW AWFUL SHE WAS AFTERWARD.. I took the sworn statement of her treating neurologist Dr Claude Hershey, the head of Children’s hospital headache center. He told how migraines can come on within 0-10 days after a collision and that findings on x-rays and CT scans and Mri’s were not always present in a concussion. He mentioned a brief loss of consciousness as being significant and reviewed the car wreck photos and the mechanism of a concussion in a frontal impact collision.



The take away from this for a top car accident lawyer is to gather evidence that supports your  car accident concussion headache injury. The more the better. This can serve to counter the defenses the insurance company will offer to minimize your car accident concussion migraine headache injury.


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5 Myths About Concussions by Cincinnati Lawyer

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

There has been more news about concussion in the media. There is more information coming out about how damaging this head injury can be. Here are 5 Myths or Misconceptions about concussions. Educate yourself so you can not only protect yourself if you suffer after a concussion, but also your child, as sports injuries and car accidents are two of the biggest causes of concussions.

1. There must me a blow to the head to cause a concusion. It is not necessary to have a direct blow to the head. The brain can still contact the boney skull even if there is no direct blow to the head.

2. A concussion requires a loss of consciousness. This is totally false. Many cases of concussion can occur even without loss of consciousness.

3. If there is no evidence on MRI or CT a srerious brain injury did not occur. This again is false. You can have a serious brain injury even without such evidence

4. After a concusion you should wait 7 days before returning to sports. At a minimum you must wait 7 days until all the symptoms have cleared. And make sure you get a doctor’s clearance.

5. The symptoms of a concusion will show up immediatley. Although sometimes theis is true some symptoms may take a period of time to show up.

If you have a head injury – concussion caused by the fault of another I invite you to call me about the legal issues that may be involved. 1-800-447-6549

Cincinnati head injury concussion lawyer

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