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How Much Is My Ohio Personal Injury Settlement Worth

Saturday, September 8th, 2012


As a Cincinnati Ohio personal injury lawyer I have to calculate a fair value for the harm caused to my clients almost daily. In order to do that I need to know that law on damages. I also must walk in my client’s shoes. Even though the law on damages is the same the many factors that go into the mix of a particular case is different.

Back Injury

You might find it unusual but the best lawyers start preparing a case by looking at  the jury instructions. What will the judge tell the jury about the law on damages. In fact what are the damages that you can claim in Ohio.

Once you know the damages recoverable you can work backwards to see where those damages come in the case naturally and where they need to be buttressed by good solid medical opinion. There may be many other  experts such as economists, vocational specialists, psychologists, physical therapists, lay medical experts that need to write opinion letters and be ready to testify. It’s stong preparation that lets an insurance company know that you are ready to stand tall with your head held high and request with a firm lip what you deserve.


  “Walk softly and carry a big stick you shall go far” as Teddy Roosevelt said. 

With this video below I offer you my version of the Ohio personal injury settlement calculator. A free download. How a jury would determine what your damages are worth. Or at least what the judge may tell them they are required to consider if there is proof.  The video speaks about what must be undertaken to convey those damages. In a small case you may convey those yourself. In fact I limit my practice to serious injuries. Those where I believe I can make a difference by hopefully putting more money in your pocket than you could do by yourself.

I promise that if you give the information necessary to download the calculator you will only get one email from me. It will ask , “Can I answer any questions for you at no cost.”

Injury Settlement Calculator


So please remember that this is just the start. Knowing what damages are recoverable does not mean that you know how much is fair . Nor does it mean that the insurance company is going to help you take food out of their mouths even though  someone took food out of your mouth by carelessly changing you life. . Maybe forever. So you deserve a fair shake . You deserve to be made whole. You deserve to recover physically as well as financially.


Anthony Castelli Attorney Accident and Injury Law has 30 years experience. Call for his legal help. 513-621-2345

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How Much is My Personal Injury Pain and Suffering Worth

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Personal injury pain and suffering calculator even by the best personal injury lawyer is both science and art. By science I mean the experience of a  good personal injury lawyer that has many settlements to their credit, has researched many settlements, and gone to trial on many cases.

But no matter how similar your case may be to ones that I have resolved there is always a difference. You make all the difference in the world. There are many factors about you, and how you have dealt with your injury  that can increase or decrease the value of your settlement

The second wild card is the jury . Every jury is different. Some may be more disposed to awarding more money others less. Most cases do not go to a jury. But the ultimate personal injury pain and suffering settlement calculator is the potential jury. Each side needs to ask what would a jury award in this type of case.

An  experienced personal injury  trial lawyer should be able to guide you on a low end and high end range. The real question is how much money is going to go into your pocket at the end of the day after your bills, case expenses, and attorney fees have been paid. Given the amount of money your trial may cost,  in many cases I work up the case and push it close to trial. But then advise settlement because I strongly believe I can put more money in your pocket that way, given the expenses of a full blown trial.

Some clients make one of two mistakes in thinking about the value of their case. Watch this video to learn what the two biggest mistakes on personal injury accident settlement worth.

Call me today personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli to discuss what your case may be worth 1-800-447-6549 No cost No obligation

Click here  for the Ohio personal injury settlement calculator






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Ohio Insurance Settlement Awards Calculator $1.9 Million

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Many injury victims want to know if their is an insurance settlement calculator. I recently wrote a blog about this and had many factors in the calculation of a settlement for personal injury . But the one and only true calculator is the civil jury. Recently the Cincinnati Enquirer reported on a Warren County jury that awarded a patrolman $1.9 million dollars.

I can tell you without out even looking at the article that a large part of this award was driven by lost income and medical expense. Yes there was a large componet of pain and suffering I’m sure , as there should have been , but for some reason it’s usually, but not always , as much as I expect.

This was a case about a police officer directing traffic that was hit by a car driven by a lady who fled the scene , but turned herslf in. The story goes she was found to be 90% at fault. It did not say if the other 10% was on the police officer or someone else.

The officer had recovered from a previous back injury. But now he would never be a police officer again. The article mentioned he also walked with a cane now due to his injury presumably. He had very little residual ability to earn an income and was expected to incur $20,000-$30,000 dollars a year in future medical expenses.

The article never dicussed his age. If he was 40, he had a life expectancy conservatively of 35 years and a work life expectancy of at least 25. If you multiply 35 by $25,000 in future medical expense you get $725,000. Add to that lost wages of lets guestimate $30,000 per year by 25 and you get $750,00. That’s almost 1.5 million. We have not even talked about past lost wages and medical expense .

So for a life time of pain and suffering , looking into a window of hell, walking on a cane , your career destroyed, I’m guessing the jury gave possibly $300,000. Less that $10,000 a year. Ultimately not very much.
So the $1.9 million looks large . And it is. But is it really

The civil jury, the ultimate damage calculator, gave its judgement. That’s the true calculator, what would a jury award . It’s an art not a science. But very obviously without the help of a skilled attorney the award would have never gotten this high. I wonder what the offer was that was on the table. In any event the calculation one makes in a serious case should always go down if the injury victim tries to go it alone. That’s because a real great jury trial is not the area for a lay person to venture. And if the insurance company knows there is no risk to go there, with or without a lawyer, they sure are not going to pay top dollar.

For more information about personal injury settlements and calculator download for free Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – What Your Insurance company Doesn’t Want You to Know and Won’t Tell You before It’s Too Late

By Anthony Castelli Cincinnati personal injury trial attorney call 1-800-447-6549 for help today.

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Personal Injury Insurance Settlement Calculator – Free

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Personal Injury Insurance Settlement Calculator


http://www.personalinjury-ohio.com/  Free Download Now Personal Injury Settlement Calculator

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of the fault of another, such as in a car accident, you need to know what your claim is worth. You need to have an insurance settlement calculator for some idea of what your personal injury claim is worth.


What follows is a free calculator directed to Ohio residents. Each state has their damages recoverable as money compensation for your personal injury. Is is important to know that there are many things that can add value or value from your claim. Moreover, it is often difficult to determine a value range of a settlement until all the evidence is in.

So be cautioned that if you try to handle a serious case yourself, you may end up making bad mistakes that could devalue your case. Studies have shown that in more serious cases the actual settlement value may be two to three times that amount in represented cases than unrepresented injury victims get.

Here are the items to use in the evaluation.

This is not an exhaustive list but are some of the significant factors that drive the value of settlement.
If you send me this information I will provide you with a free settlement calculation. It may be that the information you send me will require a follow up with you for further information to evaluate your claim. This could be by phone or in person. In some cases it may be necessary to review documentation of your injury. All aspects of the consultation will be at no cost and no obligation.

If you prefer you can immediately schedule an in person free no obligation consultation. If you want an email of the initial settlement calculation you should email the answers to the questions asked below to tony@castellilaw.com or go to the home page of this web site and enter your answers.

1. If your injury was a car accident what was the estimate of damage to your vehicle and any other vehicle involved? ________

2. Were you taken from the scene of the accident by life squad? _______

3. Was the other party totally at fault for the accident? ________

4. If not, how much did your fault contribute to the accident? What % do you think you were at fault?________

5. What was the nature if your injury? For example give the body part injured and the diagnosis your doctor gave you?__________, _______________________

6. How soon after the accident did you seek medical attention? ______________________

7. What kind of doctors have you seen such as an orthopedic specialist, your family doctor, a neurologist or neurosurgeon, chiropractor, psychologist, pain management doctor etc.? _________________

8. Were you hospitalized for your injury, and for how many days, and the reason for the hospitalization? _______, ________________, ________________________________________________

9. Did you have physical therapy and if so how many weeks? _____________________________

10 . Did you lose time from work? Put the amount of wages you lost . If you had to use sick time count that time as lost wages. ________________

11. What is the current amount of your medical bills? _________________

12. What was the date of your accident, and in what county in Ohio did it occur?__________ _________________

13. Are you finished treating for your injury? ______________

13. (a) If you finished treating state the last time you saw your doctor. _____________

(b) How many total doctors visits did you have? __________________

(c) Are you totally recovered? _______________

(d) If you are not totally recovered state your current problems, and if you have been told they are permanent or how long they are likely to last? __________________,_________________

14. What are your total medical expenses to date?________________

15. If you are still treating for your injury what treatment do you expect to receive in the future?___________________

15. What kind of doctor is currently treating you? ________________

16. Has your doctor provided you with a report about your injury? ____________

17. Have any of your doctors told you your injury was caused by the accident in question? ____________

18. Have you gone back to work at the same job? ____________

19. If you have not gone back to work at the same job have you gone back to work at another job? ______________

19. (a) If you went back to work at another job was it because of your injury? Was there a decrease in pay state the amount per week? ______________________

20. Has any doctor told you you will never be able to work again? ______________

21. What do you anticipate your future lost wages to be? _________________

22. What is your date of birth? _________________

23. Are any of these injuries you claim are caused by the accident ever been present before the accident? ___________________

24. Describe the nature and extent of your pain and how long it lasted. _____________

25. How were your activities impacted by your injuries? ____________________

26. State your name and phone number. ____________________, ______________

All information you provide will be held in strict confidence. By submitting this information you are requesting Anthony Castelli to provide a free estimate of your claim value and to contact you by phone or email. You expressly agree that an attorney client relationship is not established by providing this information and no representations are made that you will obtain a settlement in this range.

In fact you expressly understand that this evaluation is not a substitute for me doing a total review of all documents, records, statements, communicating with your doctors or reviewing other evidence that may be deemed appropriate given your individual case, and negotiating this claim on your behalf.
It is preferable to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to gather the necessary evidence, prepare your case for evaluation and settlement. I am only hired when a written fee agreement is signed between you and me.
I invite you to call me at 1-800-447-6549 . For other articles I have written on personal injury settlement calulator click here and Is there a Settlement formula

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Cincinnati Lawyer says No Such Thing As a Settlement Injury Formula

Friday, December 24th, 2010

There is no such thing as a settlement injury formula. Many lay people think there is a settlement injury formula for their personal injury claim. This is fostered by so called self help books that tell you not to hire an attorney. I recently downloaded one of those “Settle my own Car Accident Case Books” and it gave a formula of 2,3,4 times your medical bills plus your lost wages.

 The fallacy of this can easily be recognized by the exampe of a person who had to have their leg amputated in a car accident. Let’s assume the following: the amputation occured the day of the accident , they had a desk job and were able to go back to work in 3 months, they were an avid competitor in marathon racing, golfing, tennis and iron man events. Their total medical bills were $125,000 and the medical providers accepted as full payment $75,000 to wipe out those bills. Lost wages were $15,000. So 3 times the $75,000 plus their lost wages is $240,000.

 This is wholly inadequate , in my opinion to receive as compensation for past and future pain, suffering, disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life past and future. I would argue for $750,000-$1,000,ooo in the Cincinnati area. This amount still does not come close to making one whole for the loss of a leg . But in the past Hamilton county juries have been on the lower end of verdicts in Ohio as compared to Cleveland. ALTHOUGH THIS APPEARS TO BE CHANGING.

  The place of injury must be factored in, since the geo location will cause the amount of payment to be on the low and or the higher end. For instance John Hochenfelder publishes some verdicts out of  New York regarding  amputation

 http://www.newyorkinjurycasesblog.com/articles/amputation-injuries/ is were you can find this information . But New York’s verdicts are generally higher than Ohio’s and parts of New York are higher than others. That’s one of the reasons in serious injury cases you want to hire an attorney with significant personal injury experience. They will have a reasoned idea of the fair range of settlement based on many factors, and it won’t be on some simplistic multiplier calculator.

By Cincinnati personal injury lawyer  Anthony Castelli. Anthony welcomes your calls for a Free no obligation consultation. Call 1-800447-6549

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