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Heros’s Ride Motorcycle Rally Honors Fallen Soldiers

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Hero's Motorcycle Ride

Hero’s Ride Fairfield Ohio

I just got back from the 9th annual Hero’s Ride. This motorcycle event honors many of the local Ohio soldiers that lost their life serving our country. There were hundreds of motorcycles lined up ready to take a police escorted ride from village Green Park through Butler County to Hueston Woods and back to Fairfield. They left promptly at 1 PM after a short ceremony.

There were many veterans and friends of veterans in attendance. I ran into Dr Sam Arnold, friend and advocate for veterans as I was waiting for the ride to start. As always he regailed me with stories deeply secret . It reminded me that both he and John Parayzinski had been guests on Cincinnati biker life when I was doing the radio show. And how much I had enjoyed meeting these two men.

The death of John Prazynki’s son, Lance Corporal Taylor Prazynski, who was killed in 2005 while serving in Iraq was the initial impetus for this event. Back in 2005 a group of motorcycle enthusiasts banded together  to raise funds in honor of Taylor. However the group was acutely aware of others that had lost their lives and they are now honored by this ride along with Taylor.

In addition these men are:

Spc Joseph Bauer                      LCpl Michael J. Cifuentes      

Spc Michael Cook, Jr.              CW2 Jody L Egnor

Cpl. Joshua Hartzell                  Pfc Timothy J. Hines                  

Cpl David Kreuter                      Sgt David James Luff Jr.

Pfc.JamesH. MillerIV               SSG Keith Maupin                        

Spc.Donald Morrison              Cpl. Nicholas Olivas

Cpl. Lucas T. Pyeatt                  Sgt.James C. Robinson Jr.

LCpl.  Jeremy Shock                LCpl.  WilliamD. Spencer

Cpl.  Anthony Vinnedge          Cpl. Robert Weber           

SSGT Mark A.Wojciechowski.

The proceeds of the ride go to benefit the program “Impact a Hero.” This is a non profit partnership of business leaders, entertainers, sport franchises that have their purpose as helping support severely injured soldiers wounded in the War on Terror. The city of Fairfield and the police officers provided by Fairfield and other agencies that escort this ride are commended for the support they show this memorial fundraiser now in its ninth year.

If any of you reading this have doubts about the “biker motorcycle community” in Greater Cincinnnati you should have been there. Some of the finest people that I ever ever met were in attendance. Some who have paid dearly with the loss of a family member that went to war so you could be free. ( Photo album fron Hero’s ride 2013 )

It was an honor for be to be allowed to be a sponsor for the little that I contributed. I’ll never forget the night I sat with John Prayzinski and interviewed him. I did not really know what to expect. I got to see how much love and pride one father had for his fallen hero son. And how much he still misses his son. And how much all these families miss their fallen heros.

This is my favorite motorcycle event in Greater Cincinnnati, Ohio. Thank you for your sacrifice. We can never repay you. But we can honor with you the memory of our hero’s.

PS: For the veterans that are home and struggling you are not alone . There is help for you.

Please take a moment and download Dr Sam Arnold’s ( Vietnam veteran) book on ptsd.

Click this link for help in Middletown Veterans can get help in Middletown Ohio for PTSD.

By Anthony Castelli

Anthony Castelli at Hero's motorcycle ride

Anthony Castelli at Hero’s motorcycle ride

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Motorcyclist Killed Because Car Failed to Yield To James Patton

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Another Ohio  motorcyclist has been killed in Union Township, Ohio. James Patton was riding his Harley on U.S. 50 in Highland County. The Wilmington Ohio State Patrol post stated that Betty Sheldon of Hillsboro failed to yield the right of way to his motorcycle and the deadly crash unsued.


Failure to Yield the Right of Way by Cars All Too Common Cause of Motorcyclists Deaths

This is not the first time that a failure to yield the right of way at an intersction by a motor vehicle to a motorcycle was the cause of a collision, serious injury and death. Another family has now suffered a devasting loss. Nothing can or will ever be the same for the family of James Patton.

The cursory reporting done by the Cincinnati Enquirer as well as other media outlets does not do or say anything to promote safety for motorcycle riders. Is it because we are bikers. Is it because they think less of us. I think in part.

Why else would they make mention of the fact that “Patton was not wearing a helmet.” So what. That did not cause the crash and its not likely that it would have saved his life. But yet they mention it gratuitously.

Do they say we will mourn his loss? Who he was? Who is wailing in tears today because ther loved one was killed by negligence?  Mr Patton was killed by a car driver that did not look carefully.

It turns out that James Patton was a father, son, husband, brother and grandfather. Only 52 years old cut down in the prime of his life. At least the local paper reported on who this man was. At least the Times Gazette the local Hillboro paper shed some light on that this was an obvious family man. He loved to ride motorcycles.


Facts of The Motorcycle Car Crash

Lets at least stick to the facts that matter. The car driver stopped at a stop sign heading North on Danville Road. James Patton was travling on U.S. 50. Sheldon, the auto driver,  then pulled out attempting to turn left onto  50. Obviously she pulled right into the path of the oncoming motorcylcist. And his motorcycle impacted the side of her car and he was thrown to his death.

It was broad daylight. The time was approximately 11am.  Yet anothrr brother motorcyclist wrongfully killed. There is not much we can do except educate the public to look twice and please watch for motorcylces. And say a prayer for the family of James Patton.


By Anthony Castelli

Motorcycle safety resources

Ohio Motorcycle Bible – The Guide To Protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families


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Ohio Motorcycle Attorney Promotes May is Motorcycle Month

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Ohio Motorcycle Accident & Injury Lawyer Anthony Castelli

Ohio Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Anthony Castelli  on Reuters news sign on Times Square

[Cincinnati, Dayton , Columbus, Ohio May 2013] –

Motorcyclists fatalities have increased over the past decade. Only by increased safety efforts has the loss of life been slowed. That’s why Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorney Anthony Castelli announced today that he is joining with other federal, state and local and private motorcycle organizations, groups and clubs in proclaiming May 2013 as “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

All motor vehicle operators are admonished to safely and carefully share the road with motorcycle riders.   Please be on extra alert when driving your car or truck to keep motorcyclists safe.

More and more motorcycle riders are taking to the roads from all walks of life. Women are riding in increasing numbers. As the weather gets better you will see more and more bikers on the highways and byways of this great United States.

Motorcycles may be hidden in car and trucks blind spots. That’s why auto drivers need to check twice , before making a move from one lane to another, or pulling out into the roadway or turning left at intersections. This would not only lessen motorcycle car crashes but all kinds of crashes.

Anthony Castelli, a lawyer that rides a motorcycle  stated, ” I’ve created and made available to all Ohio motorcyclists the Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit. All Ohio bikers need to do is call or email me with their name and address and I will send this safety kit to them for free. I was excited to have the opportunity presented by Reuter’s to place my message Watch for Motorcycle in Times Square. But there was more that I though I could do so I created this safety kit. Free to Ohio riders and $11.77 to motorcyclists form anywhere else. ”

The kit includes a “Watch for Motorcycle” bumper sticker, a tire guage, and the Ohio Motorcycle Bible – The Guide to Protecting Ohio Motorcylists and Their Families. For more information about the kit please see the motorcycle safety press release

Federal Government Motorcycle safety Resources: http://www.nhtsa.gov/Safety/Motorcycles



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Motorcycle Riders Injured or Killed Why Should You Hire A Cincinnati Motorcycle Attorney

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Reports of motorcycle riders getting killed and injured in accidents the fault of  car drivers are occurring at alarming Protecting Ohio Motorcyclistsrates.  Just yesterday a couple was killed when a woman turned in front of them at an intersection. I fear that this year bikers are going to be hurt and killed in unprecedented numbers.

With more people riding motorcycles and more car drivers using cell phones distracted drivers are causing more car accidents and motorcycle accidents.  You can practice the best riding habits but still be killed by a reckless cager.  That’s why I wrote the Ohio Motorcycle Bible – The Guide to protecting Ohio Motorcyclists and Their Families.

This book give riding tips as well as legal tips on how to prevent accidents as well as what to do to protect yourself  in the event of  an accident. Also check out my you tube video   9 Reasons To hire A Motorcycle Attorney.   With the insurance propaganda and the ambulance chasing lawyers people injured in car , truck, motorcycle accidents are taking their chances by not hiring a lawyer . I’ve seen too many unsuspecting injury victims get low ball offers and either took them or came to a motorcycle accident lawyer after it was too late. But you need to hire the right lawyer the best for your case.

I urge you to check out the book and video to protect yourself in case of a serious motorcycle accident.  You can call me at 513-621-2345 for a free consultation to get your questions answered and your motorcycle or other personal injury evaluated. I’ve taken care of many motorcycle injury victims. As a motorcycle rider myself  I take your injury personally.


Anthony Castelli

8170 Corporate park drive

Cincinnati, ohio

Also satellite office in West Chester at Union Centre Blvd


Watch For Motorcycles

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Free Masons Motorcycle Club Members Guest on Cincinnati Biker Life

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Biker Bodhi

Two Free Mason Motorcycle Group members were guests last night on Cincinnati Biker Life Radio. Curtiss Belcher and Bodhi Halsey, both Free Masons, avid motorcyclists, and fathers, and all around great guys stopped in on the Cincinnati Biker Life radio show, hosted by Cincinnati personal injury lawyer and motorcycle accident attorney Anthony Castelli.

Curtiss and Bodhi talked about their love of the Free Masons , the Free Masons motorcycle club and their upcoming adventure as motorcycle riders in the American Motorcycle Rally. I learned how you become a Free Mason during the course of my interview. This was not volunteered information as the Free Masons , the oldest fraternity in the world, does not solicit for members. You have to ask a Free Mason how do you become a member. That tells you a lot about the Free Mason brotherhood. In a world where it seems everyone wants money, members or something from somebody the Free Masons don’t promote. What a refreshing concept.

Their common bond is a belief in a Deity or Higher Power of your choosing and loyalty to each other and charitable service. Think of the Shriners and our great Cincinnati Shriner’s Burns Hospital as all Shriners are Free Masons. That’s an amazing story in itself as all the services at the hospital are free.

This June Curtiss and Bodhi will be riding in the 7000 mile iron butt event The American Motorcycle Rally. This event has prize money and prizes. First prize is $150,000.00. Curtis and Bodhi are experienced long distance motorcycle riders , as each of them have ridden in the Hoka Hey long distance motorcycle event.

So get behind Curtiss and Bodhi and support them in their quest. Come on out this Sunday to Powder Keg Harley Davidson where there will be a fun event and a effort to raise interest and funds for Curtiss and Bodhi to help them along the way. For me it was truly an honor to have them come on Cincinnati Biker Life and spend some time with. It’s even more of an honor to have them as my friends. I certainly will be following their motorcycle adventures this June.

Anthony Castelli Attorney Motorcycle accident injury lawyer

Curtiss Belcher

8170 Corporate Park Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Motorcycle Crash Death In Cincinnati Could have Been Avoided

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Another motorcycle crash death in Cincinnati caused by a car driver could have been avoided. Sadly cars failing to yield the right of way to motorcycles at intersections are far too common. Fox 19 just put up on the internet a story about a motorcyclist being killed in Green Township on Glenway avenue.

Apparently Joanne Case was driving her car on Glenway avenue and Thomas Grady Jr was riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction on Glenway avenue. It was not stated why Joanne Case turned left in front of the motorcyclist into a lot that contained a Bob Evans restaurant.The report was not totally clear what happened and even reports some contradiction by a so called eye witness.

But now a young man is dead. This appears to be as a result of negligence which is the failure to drive carefully. The failure to yield the right of way is often the cause of motorcycle car crash injuries and deaths. I never buy the fact that the motorcycle is too small to be seen, as some might say. It’s certainly big enough to be seen if someone is paying attention to the road and driving safely.

I can just here some of the naysayers and those prejudiced against motorcyclists saying things that imply the motorcyclist was somehow to blame. As a motorcycle accident Lawyer and motorcycle rider I’ve heard most of the prejudices of others against motorcycle riders. We deserve as much protection as the car driver and the law gives us that protection.

But yet another family mourns the death of a loved one. Look Twice Save a Life is not just a slogan. Watch for Motorcycles is not just a slogan. If automobile drivers would practice this there would be fewer car crash motorcycle accidents, injuries and deaths.

If you witnessed this motorcycle accident Green Township is still investigating and asking for you to call them at 513-574-0007. Please give them a call if you witnessed this motorcycle car crash.

by Anthony Castelli Attorney
8170 corporate Park Drive #220
Cincinnati, Ohio

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