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Don’t be Car Driver That Injures or Kills by Texting Distracted Driving – Watch This Story of Loss

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Distracted driving a motor vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Distracted driving can take many forms such as tuning the radio, dialing a cell phone and texting. The statistics on car accidents caused by distracted driving are staggering. Hundreds of thousands are injured each year because of this.

Lives and families are destroyed by this carelessness. At 30 mph, if you take your eyes off the road for 2 seconds you would have traveled 90 feet without watching the road in front of you. Recently an Ohio family shared their story of their motorcycle riding son that was killed because a truck driver was using his phone and drifted left of center.


The Face of Distracted Driving

The law calls this a wrongful death  Pursuing a wrongful death claim is often the only way a family can get some justice for their father, son, mother, child being killed in a car accident caused by distracted driving.  But prevention of these distracted driving accidents is far better than the aftermath. So please watch this video. and the next time you start to use your cell phone in the car either put it back in your pocket or wait untill you can pull off the road.

by Anthony Castelli Attorney injury lawyer

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Cincinnati Attorney On Ohio Texting Law and How To Keep Your Teenager Safe

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Ohio recently passed its texting and electronic device use while driving law. In the wake of  a new government survey that over 1/2 of teenagers admitted testing while driving this law could be a big deterrent.


  How The Ohio Texting Law Works

Teenagers are banned from using all electronic devices while driving. Adults are banned from texting while driving. For teenagers it is a primary offense and for adults secondary. This means teens can be pulled over if this is the only violation, while adults can be pulled over only if there is another violation.


The penalties are a $150 fine and driving suspension for 30 days on the first offense. The second offense carries a $300 fine and possible one year driving suspension.


 How To Protect Your Teen and Get Them to Comply


Tell them that they could go to jail if they cause and accident especially a death. There have been criminal convictions for those guilty of causing a motor vehicle collision while texting. Also get them to sign the parent teen safe car driving contract available at my web site Anthony Castelli Accident and Injury Attorney.

This law has been long in coming for the state of Ohio.  Ohio is the 39th State to enact this kind of law. Just today in the Cincinnati enquirer Ray Lahood US transportation secretary was quoted that he was going to pressure the states to do more. This of course is done by awarding or withholding money to the States.

Remember adults are also guilty of distracted driving. if your teen sees you using you cell phone in the car, what message are you sending.

by Anthony Castelli attorney. If you are seriously  insured in a car accident due to distracted driving of another or the fault of any kind  I would be happy to speak with you at no charge to see how I can help.  Call for my legal help 621-245

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Cincinnati Lawyer Says Texting Kills Ban It Now Ohio

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

As a Cincinnati car accident injury lawyer I know that texting kills. Ohio should enact a law without delay. Currently the house has passed a law and it sits in the Senate. Recently a pragmatic and highly intelligent and concerned State Senator William Seitz has gone on record as to the problems with the bill.

Republican Senator Bill Seitz was reported as saying, ”It’s a feel good law that’s not going to accomplish very much,”  Seitz pointed out that we already have a reckless driving statute. He also has concerns about enforcing the law and the numerous exceptions to it. Certainly valid points, but things that could be worked through.

Maybe we should go even farther and say no use of cell phones unless they are hands free. After all just dialing a phone number on a cell phone can take your eyes off the road long enough for a crash to occur.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that  over six years, 16,141 Americans died in crashes directly caused by texting, a University of North Texas study reported. The National Safety Council reports that cell-phone use causes 1.6 million crashes a year. The evidence is clear. It has led 35 states and the District of Columbia to adopt bans already.

Danny Fischer of Hydy Park has written great article on his opinion about texting. He apparently was angry enough to contact Bill Seitz and one again I’m surprised at Senator Seitz’s reaction. Here is what Mr Fischer said about his communication with Senator Seitz:

Synopsizing his article in an email to me, he indicated that he felt that the issue was sufficiently handled through the civil justice system, and that it’s merely negligent, not criminal behavior. If the senator had left it at that, I would’ve agreed to disagree. However, he also added: “I suspect the truth of the matter is that some individuals are able to text and drive while others are not, just as some people type faster than others.”

Fischer indicated the issue is at minimum deterrence and questioned whether he got it. You get it Mr Fischer and I applaud your efforts. Senator Seitz will come around. He’s a deep thinker. Let’s just keep him thinking.

If I was injured by a texting car driver or one using a cell phone I would consider bringing a claim for compensatory damages as well as punitive damages to punish this willful misconduct.

AAA of Ohio has recently started a billboard campaign. One wonders how smart that really is. Don’t you have to take your eyes off the road to see a billboard.

And as a motorcycle rider this is just one more thing that concerns me for my motorcycle riding friends. But it certainly is not limited to the safety of motorcyclists . Texting and cell phone use while driving kills. There’s no doubt about it.

Anthony Castelli Attorney

Cincinnati, Ohio


Attorney Castelli has previously blogged on texting and driving at Cincinnati Personal injury and Accident Attorney Blog .


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Injured By Texting Driver Get Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

If you have suffered a serious injury because a driver was texting in Cincinnati , West Chester , Mason or anywhere in Southwest Ohio you should consider contacting an experienced Greater Cincinnati car accident lawyer. Although you may think you have an open and shut case think again.

Sure the car insurance company may admit responsibility. But what about when it comes to getting money damages and maximum compensation for your injury. Don’t expect the insurance company to be generous. They are in the business of collecting premiums and paying out as little as possible.

It’s not like you have to call a car accident lawyer from the scene, in fact I caution you from doing that. Make sure the police come and make sure you go with the ambulance to the hospital. Report the car accident to your insurance company. Then when you get home from the hospital you can start researching what car injury lawyer you would like to get a free consultation with. If the wrongdoer’s insurance company calls do not let them record a statement. Tell them where your car is and that you are injured and under treatment and will get back with them.

You will be able to afford even the very best car accident lawyers because they work on a contingency fee.
This means the fee comes out of the money they recover for you. Many will also advance the cost of preparing your case to be repaid out of your settlement.

Texting may entitle you to seek punitive damages. Although these are not covered by insurance the spector of them being awarded against the wrongdoer makes the insurance company listen closer and pay more attention to fair compensation for your injuries.

Contanct Anthony Castelli attorney Cincinnati Car accident lawyer 8170 Corporate Park Drive suite 220, Cincinnati , Ohio 45242 513-621-2345 for a free consultation .

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Cincinnati Injury Lawyer Says Texting in Car Can Kill Legislature Must Act

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

As a Cincinnati injury lawyer I find it sad that more has not been done to prevent the use of cellphones by car drivers. Recently the Federal transportation Board called for a ban on cell phone use in autos , except in the case of an emergency. This was preceeded by recent deadly car crashes.

Texting shows a conscious disregard for the high probability of causing a car accident  injury. If texting causes a car accident injury it should demand not only compensatory damages but punitive ones as well. But the answer is prevention and criminalizing this conduct will go a long way toward car accident injury prevention.

The Ohio legislature has before it a bill to ban texting. but they do not want to ban cell phone use. Either way it’s driver inattention and taking your eyes off the road.

If anyone injures you in a car accident and was using a cell phone or texting call me right away at 621-2345 for a free car accident injury consult. Mere use of a cell phone does not equal liability , but if the cell phone use caused inattention which caused the car accident you should have a strong case .




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