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Sharonville Car Crashes Are Serious Because of I-75

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Sharonville is a small town in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. Because of I-75 running through Sharonville, the police have serious accidents to investigate quite often. They even have an accident reconstructionist that is quite diligent. I met him because of a wrongful death case I handled. His documenting the scene was critical in the outcome.

I-75 Cincinnati Truck Crashes

The interstate 75 corridor that runs north south through Sharonville is heavily travelled . The high speeds and the large amount of trucks running on I-75 make it particularly susceptible to very serious car accidents and wrongful death.

It seems like everyday there is a report of an auto  accident on I-75.  I am surprised there are not more given the amount of construction especially south of Sharonville near the Norwood lateral.  My blog injury lawyer on car accident injury news covers high profile accidents in  Greater Cincinnati. I like to comment on the tort law behind the injury. I also like to publicize the car, truck, or motorcycle crash because witnesses need to give their story to the police. Often third party eyewitness testimony is critical in determinig fault, and the witnesses do not always stick around to give their name to the police.


If you have questions about a Sharonville or other greater Cincinnati crash give me a call. I’m just a few miles away up Cornell to Montgomery avenue and your at my office.

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Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer Help for Truck Accident injury

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

If you have been injured in a Cincinnati truck accident your life just got more complicated. The 18 wheeler that hit you may be owner operated or leased.
Trucking companies tend to play hard ball with delay, defend, and deny tactics. You might get your car paid for, but good luck getting a fair offer for your injury.

Watch this Cincinnati truck Accident lawyer video . You do not have to fight big trucking alone. They will delay and not pay. They really don’t care about you. Don’t waste your time, while the trucking company fiddles and important evidence gets missed or lost. . Get a truck accident lawyer that will care about you. Someone that will put you first. Try to solve your problems. Answer your questions. And fight with all their heart to help you put you life back together and be made whole.

Cincinnati truck accident lawyer for free evaluation call 1-800-447-6549  Anthony Castelli

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